Volleyball is that sport which is played by majority of us back in times with our friends. You have to require a lot of team skills, fist batting, energy, loud and the passion to play. This can be played on a beach to the court. Being a recreational sport, not only children but adults enjoy playing this sport.

Volleyball is a sport of two teams comprising six players each which is played using a net and a ball. Both the teams are partitioned from the center through a net.

The game starts when a player hits the ball with the fist across the net towards the opponent. Afterwards, the opponent repeats the same by hitting it back across the net. The players need to ensure that the ball doesn’t hit the ground.

The origin of Volleyball has been created by William Morgan, a director at YMCA in twentieth century in 1985. 

His motive was different but it turned out to be a sport of volleyball which was less strenuous. He was trying to emerge with a sport like basketball.

Volleyball gained its importance through the contribution of Physical Education trainers around seventy years back in time. People found it interesting and started building spirit and skills in this game. Ultimately, the Volleyball Federation of India was established in 1951 being the only controlling authority of the sport in India.  

Several successful Indian volleyball players such as, Ballu, Sukhpal Jimmy George, Cyril Vellore, and many others have carved their names on the golden pages of history.