The history of swimming is a long one, precisely it can be traced back to the prehistoric times. The Bible, as well as the Iliad and the Odyssey all contain references to the sport of swimming. However, these sources date back nearly 3,000 years. Egyptian clay seals from 4000 B.C. also depict four swimmers doing the crawl stroke. Ancient Egyptian, Grecian and Roman palaces were often equipped with swimming pools or baths. Even drawings discovered in the Kefir desert are linked to this time period and show people moving through water. According to the historians, swimming was also often used in the battle. The Greeks were often regarded as solid swimmers. Read on to know more about the origin of swimming.The two rival associations were at loggerheads over affiliation issues. While the Kolkata-based NSA got affiliation from FINA in 1932-33, the ISF was supported by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA). After much mudslinging, the issue was resolved in 1948, with the intervention of then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and consequently, the Swimming Federation of India came into being. Like several other sports bodies, the SFI was established to promote the respective sport in India. However, the poor emphasis on scientific training of the budding swimmers in India, inadequate infrastructure, indifferent planning and programming has led to the downfall of Indian swimmers. Moreover, SFI has failed miserably in raising the standards of the Indian swimmers, who are desperately looking for a good platform to display their talent and gain international repute. The haphazard and outdated training methods have added to the lack of outstanding talents in the sport. Nevertheless, SFI remains the apex body for swimming in India, with the responsibility of the game.