Martial art is something that has been in the country for years and has taken its place in the minds of young India. In fact, the term “martial” has been derived by Mars, who was the Roman god of war.

Martial arts exhibit all the technique or style which is used to combat. This is an arranged system which is designed for one and only purpose i.e. defeating and defending against your opponent physically as well as mentally. Martial arts is also known as “art of waging war”

This fitness sport is a package which can nourish us in and out. It can challenge our skills and expand the training wisely and it can capture the attention of the audience quite easily.

Martial arts were originated in the ancient cultures of Asia and today this is used for the athletic competition, exercise, self defense, law enforcement.

The history of Martial arts is quite engrossing and captivating. Ranging from legends and ancient myths to historical revolutions, martial arts have been mould into various factors. Going through the history, recollecting the facts, an Indian monk namely Bodhidharma lubricated the channeling of Chan (China) or Zen (Japan) to China when this man transported to southern China. Collecting his teachings, people have combat against the world. His lessons lent a lot to the martial art philosophies like restraint and humility which exist even today.

However, history has shown that martial arts have thrived especially combining with this art of other cultures. It can be explained with an example- Mitsuyo Maeda brought jujitsu in Brazil and then taught to a young man namely Helio Gracie who created Brazilian jiju-jitsu.

There are famous figures who have contributed a lot to this art which are:-

1.    Itoso Anko

Being the grandfather of Karate, Itoso have gained a lot of acceptance by his work and contribution. He is known to have made this art gained more importance and is an idol for many learners and beginners.

2.   Helio Gracie

A person who justified and changed the lesson of an art called judo is Helio Gracie. He examined and told the world that it is not merely about strength but about leverage.

3.   Bruce Lee

Known to many, Bruce Lee had worked in many movies and television series. He was an innovator in martial artsrealizing that the things which did not work accordingly must be tossed out for techniques which were fruitful.