Welcome to the greatest game of all-Cricket.

Cricket is a game played between eleven members each comprising of two teams. It is a battle where an individual bowler has to fight against his opponent individual batsman.

The word cricket came from an Old English word “cryce” meaning crutch and “rick” meaning stick.

It is played on a field being called a “pitch” where the arena is set to combat. Both the teams embraces players with a combination of abilities ranging with some specialized in batting, some at bowling or there are some exclusive players who excel at both capacities namely- All rounder, and a highly specialist player fielding at the back of the batsman who acts as a ‘wicket-keeper.’

The origin of Cricket can be traced back to 16th century when cricket was first played in the sheep grazing lands of England. A combination of a stick and ball originated the game of cricket which was made up of sheep’s wool. In the year 1611, two men started playing cricket instead of going to attend Church and were impeached for going against the dictate.

Every team gets the opportunity to bat and ball simultaneously. Innings is when each team gets a chance to bat. In a test match, there are two innings awarded to each side and the match should be completed in five days.

Umpire states the match as draw if the rain strikes.