Badminton is a racquet sport like tennis which involves two players competing against each other trying to keep a subject-shuttlecock in the air and passing it from one court to other partitioned by a net. Badminton and tennis are two separate sports mainly differentiated by the object used to play. In badminton, a shuttlecock (a small cone shaped attached with feathers) is used to play whereas in tennis, a tennis ball is used as an object to pass over the net.

Badminton if played for recreation purpose for minimum time period of 30 minutes will improve your overall hygiene as well as it will help you lower your resting heart BPM (beats per minute).

Not only improving your heart rate and keeping you healthy, badminton comes with a multiple of health benefits as it is a total body workout keeping your muscles working from head to toe. While practicing or playing a match, you will not realize how your whole body is functioning and working but you will get the results soon.
 Moving your body through the field and aiming the shuttle for the stroke, your body is working out and keeping every muscle active without even thinking about it. Badminton lets the muscle fibers activate that releases hormones into your body helping you to increase the tone as well as mass of your muscles.