Back to the times when music was the only medium for people for a way of relaxing themselves and a definition of cultural and religious background, then, the music instrument of Tabla came into existence which gave a true justification of an Incredible India. Being an instrument which is played without any efforts in solo concert, it attracts the youth who wish to opt for such a musical platform.

Dha dhin da, Na, TiRaKita, dhin, da is a well known beat with which every musical lover connects with. On categorizing from the five instrument families, Tabla is a percussion instrument which produces sound by beating the surface on the top.


The instrument is basically, a dual drum played with two hands and both of them are of different size and shape being of same nature as bongos, namely Bayan (big bass Drum) and the Dayan. Both of them are almost always played together.


This instrument invention was discovered in India. Going back in the ancient times dated back to the period of Ramayana, Tabla was used with leather on their tops. Also, in our old scriptures we see that these instruments existed in a different way from what is today.

The main root cause of how Tabla came into existence was marked long back of an instrument namely- Mridanga or Pakhavaj which was double ended. For tabla, they cut the Pakhavaj into halves giving it a sharper end .


Tabla is such an instrument which once learnt then other percussion instruments can be played with ease. The techniques that Tabla players use are enormous and the variation techniques which are quite identical to the great Western Classical producers provides a sense of purity  among our hearts.


There are hundreds of Artists who have contributed their life to music and their impressible life-long dedication have made the nation awestruck. Among the young generation Zakir Hussain, Kumar Bose, Shafaat Ahmed, Sapan Chaudhari and several others are the prominent tabla players that India has produced.