During 60s and 70s when you think of any introductory song in any movie where the hero see the heroin playing one musical instrument and singing song . That instrument is most probably be none other than PIANO.  Piano is a shorter name for pianoforte which is the original name for piano.  Pian means ‘soft’ and Forte is ‘loud’ which means that this instrument has the ability to give both soft and loud sound. An Italian instrument by origin does not have a very old mention and is believed to be invented in 1700. It belongs to the family of string instruments. It poses a keyboard when struck by fingers and thumb of the pianist, act as a hammer to strike the string and produce sound.

Unlike India, Piano is a very popular among the music lovers and used in many type of styles like jazz, rock, pop folk country etc. The instrument due to its widest range to tones and the ability to play melodies and accompaniments simultaneously is very popular worldwide. That may be reason behind calling piano as the “King of all instruments”

There are different versions of piano like grand piano, upright piano, specialized piano, electric piano, and digital piano. Piano keys are called ivory but they are not made out of ivories any more. The keys are made up of woods, plastics sugar pine, etc.

There are many well known pianist. However some of the all time favourites are  Mozart, Billy Joel, Liberace, Jerry Lee Lewis, Beethoven, Schubert, Elton John, Martha Argerich, Chopin, and Myra Hess. Among India Pianists famous name are Anil Srinivasan A. R. Rehman and yes now officially Indian Adnan Sami!