From the beginning, there are number of days in your life when the last thing you want to do is train, especially heavy.

You'll go through periods of depression , demotivation, self-doubt, and all those fun things that keep most people from progressing as much as they could but the dream life everyone has made up their mind for requires practice and train yourself to fight against the odds.

One of the most important things you can do as an athlete day to day is act as if- act as if there's nothing you'd rather be doing than training, that nothing on earth would make you happier at the moment than squatting heavy, doing a million snatches, or working on your weakest lift.

To remain fit and train yourself in the best way through fitness technique is Kettlebell which is effective and different from the mainstream.

Kettlebell is a type of dumbbell or free weight that is round with a flat base and an arced handle. It looks like a cannonball with a handle, or a teapot without the spout, hence the name “kettlebell” in English.

       Kettlebell is a very powerful tool. It can be moved, swung, juggled, thrown and pressed and manupilated in hundred of ways. It is believed  that the Russians were first spotted using the Kettlebell, or Girya, in the early 1700s. It was primarily a tool used by farmers to help measure out crops…but if any get bored on a farm, the farmers started swinging these things and, lo and behold, they got stronger, healthier and became better humans. As, earlier, people threw them around as for entertainment purpose but was later termed out for weighlifting. 

Arthur SaxonSig KleinClevio Massimo and The Mighty Apollo, the old time strongmen used Kettlebells extensively.Today, this is played worldwide and its competitive exercises are ‘Two Kettlebell Jerk’ and ‘One Kettlebell Snatch’ and each has to perform in that order for 10 minutes. The competitor with the highest score wins the match.  
From the elite athlete looking for an edge, to the sedentary person looking to discover fitness for the first time. All can benefit.

 It takes a good amount of explosive power and coordination to use a kettlebell properly and that is why kettlebell skills are easily transferable to most sports. Kettlebell training is accessible and practical for all. The kettlebell alone is enough to whip you into shape because…

The Kettlebell will:

  • Improve blood pressure

Having high blood pressure can increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as suffering from a heart attack or a stroke.According to the studies, it is a proven fact that Kettlebells help reducing the blood pressure upto 85%, if done correctly.With the good amount of diet along with this fitness training, anyone can keep their heart and arteries in a good condition. This can also help reducing other diseases i.e. Diabetes, Osteoarthritis.


  • Increase strength and muscle mass

Using kettlebells in your fitness routine can challenge your body and build strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility unlike other pieces of equipment. This is a movement which is very easy to perform giving the body energy and improves emotional and psychological development of the body.


  • Decreased Body Fat

Kettlebell is a workout which never lets you bore. Being different from the other weighlifting techniques, it is an exercise with new variation technique which helps you to reduce weight at a more faster pace.


  • Your posture will improve

Good form is essential in kettlebell workouts, so stop and rest if you feel like yours is deteriorating. One thing which has to be kept in mind is to stand and sit straight. Although Kettlebell helps you with good posture but as you know it takes two to make a quarrel, so it is the responsibility of the person as well to work for it.