Hip Hop is a music genre, Hip Hop is a dance genre but more than that Hip Hop is a culture, it’s a movement which started during ‘70's in America specifically in New York, that brought down the shackles of racial chains that were so strong during those times. Hip Hop primarily consists of four parts, Orating (MCing), Sound (DJing), Dance (B-Boying) and Visual (Graffiti). Later on Hip Hop also gained popularity as a fashion genre, with numerous celebrities like Eminem giving it a cult status. The culture has also gained popularity in India in recent times specially as dance form, as variety of dance reality shows gained popularity the genre of Hip Hop dancing also gained popularity among teenagers and youngsters. The popularity of this genre has always been more so with youngsters, primarily because Hip Hop has always been identified or been synonymous with a rebel cue. Maybe because of the history of this genre or the activist attitude it has, or just the language. Whatever it is, it’s one helluva smthn!!