Swimming is an activity which is performed in a pool or open water helping to burn a lot of calories. Swimming is a team or an individual sport which involves the movement of whole body through the water.
Considering about Olympic sports, there are different events in swimming including strokes like butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Other than these individual events, four swimmers have the right to take part in either freestyle or relay. Proper skills are required for you to perform a correct stroke. Along with that, balance, agility, flexibility, strength as well as coordinative movements and abilities are required in a swimmer to be better than the best.
Swimming can refresh your mind and cools you off. 
Humans have been swimming for ages. Swimming originated in Britain in the nineteenth century using breaststroke technique. This sport was included in modern Olympics games for the first time in 1896 in Athens. Swimming gained its importance during its first world association in 1908 namely Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA).