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sana Goldsmith

2016-02-02 19:18:48

Review for Anytime Fitness.

This gym is disgusting especially its racist attitude towards its customers and to ignore the basic things. All this can be let out of sight if not loud statement of administration, "we are better than 48 fitness" and "within the walls of our gym will never happen what happened in the 48 Fitness". When my husband and I came to him, the bitter experience of the above gym once asked about a few points of concern to us: 1. Split 2. Instructor gym which provides customer support during the occupation of weight (not a personal trainer), and 3. the most important fact for me the possibility of a normal workout without hearing the singing and laughing hyenas and sexual groans of animals, which is what most of the customers of the gym. We assured that none of this will happen in the first few days so it was ... but ... everything was full of lies ... in the gym is not ventilated, run machine vehicles can often see the dirty napkins, which leads to conclusion, this gym is not clean and hygiene there is not heard. in the women's restroom constantly hanging someone's clothes as if it's a personal room of individual persons. in spite of the instructions where it is written that the phone calls are prohibited in cardio zone, the administration has given nothing to shut up and put in place its customers. TVs are locked English-language channels. training area is small and all the machines are used as supports and shelves that are very disgusting and interferes with the normal training. area for changing shoes are almost always occupied by those who read newspapers and interfere with their protein shakes. of good if shouting loudly and many times ask that you include split. Internet doesn't replace the operating channels still working. Men's washrooms always occupied by trainers.. for personal misuse even at times just for chatting. running sheep imagine themselves coaches coming to the new gym is always smear his past jobs, luring new customers in the new gym ... one of those coaches Gopal who left job "48 fitness" and starting with a clean state in Anytime Fitness. That it came across my husband and I crossed the threshold Anytime. This instructor had given us a guarantee that this gym all the friends, but in the end he could not turn and shut his pupils during her 45 minute phone call! On the treadmill! Anytime Fitness Trainers do not know anything about the professional training, of the spirit and of what kind of atmosphere should prevail on the training ground. -1 To all the staff of the gym. I love to train. I love sports people and those who enjoy the process of training, but the Anytime Fitness is so not professional in their field, they do not know the most basic rules of order and work in the territory of the gym. Conclusion: In this gym there are liars hypocrites , not professionals, and racists. workers are not interested in anything, including the reputation of the office mid-level, or even lower. Representatives of the Indian branch of "Anytime Fitness" spoil the name of the entire franchise, and irreversibly destroy the reputation of a good gym-proven worldwide.

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